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Accessory Basics


Learn about fashion essentials, styling tips and more with accessory basics.
  1. Accessories 101
  2. Accessory Glossaries
  3. How To's
  4. Accessories by Occasion

Accessories 101

dorothy perkins, collar necklace, statement necklace, shop for accessories

Read about the ins and outs of accessories, as well as the role they play in style and fashion.

Accessory Glossaries

Cole Haan Phillip Belt

From wayfarer sunglasses to turban headbands, educate yourself on the many different types of accessories.

How To's

handbag, purse, leather bag

These tips offer basic guidelines, techniques and suggestions for various types of accessories.

Accessories by Occasion

sunglasses, cole haan, summer accessories

Take your outfit from drab to fab by selecting the right accessories for every occasion.

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