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What to Wear on Easter

Spring Accessory Ideas for Easter Outfits


Every year, the Easter season marks the start of floral prints, bright colors and everything spring related. In fact, many accessories that are appropriate for Easter events can also be considered to be spring essentials. If you’re stuck on how to style your outfit for Easter brunch or gatherings, check out this list for some spring friendly ideas.

1. Headbands

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While headbands can be worn all year round, they are especially perfect for accessorizing warm weather looks. The great thing about them is that there are so many types to choose from. Accent with a simple skinny headband, or make a statement with an embellished version. Ribbon, bows and jewels are all great options for an Easter ensemble.

2. Bow Accessories

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Most people usually associate bows with little girls’ fashion. However, bows can actually look mature and chic when styled the right way. The key is choosing the appropriate style, print, and material. Accessories such as metal stud earrings, cocktail rings and skinny belts are ideal for feminine yet simple ways to incorporate bows into your look.

3. Pastel Colors

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Nothing says spring and Easter like pastel colors such as mint green, light yellow, baby blue and beige. When planning your Easter outfit, try choosing a color palette that features one or a few of these shades. By focusing on these colors, you’ll be sure to create an Easter appropriate look.

4. Clutches

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Clutch style bags such as wristlets and minaudiere are perfect for gatherings that are somewhere in between casual and formal. The hand held style tends add a touch of elegance, even with the simplest outfits. Because they are made to hold your most needed essentials, clutches are both useful and fashionable.

5. Flower Earrings

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When it comes to spring fashion, jewelry is one of the best ways to incorporate florals into your look. A pair of colorful flower earrings can easily add a sweet spring touch to your Easter ensemble. While this type of jewelry is useful for spicing up solid colored clothing, you can also mix and match with certain prints. For a statement look, try wearing floral earrings with classic patterns such as polka dots or stripes.

6. Pearl Jewelry

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As an accessory that will never (ever) go out of style, pearl jewelry will easily add sophistication to any look. Whether you choose a pair of simple studs or a dainty necklace, pearl jewelry will always be one of the essential accessories that every woman should own. While pearls work really well with spring and Easter outfits, you'll be sure to use them for seasons and years to come.

7. Floppy Hats

easter fashion, easter accessories, spring accessories, spring fashion
If you’re lucky, Easter will hopefully land on a bright and sunny spring day. If that’s the case, you can start bringing out the wide brimmed floppy hats to protect yourself from the sun. Straw is a common material used for these types of hats, but they are also often made with canvas and felt. Most may associate floppy hats with summer, but the right type can be the ultimate spring accessory. Keep an eye out for floppy hats that are embellished with ribbon, bows, and faux flowers for a spring friendly take on this summer essential.

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