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Essential Spring Accessories

Accessories for the Spring season


As winter turns into spring, accessories will help your wardrobe make a smooth transition. It just goes to show how useful accessories can be. Between the sunshine and chilly days, spring can be a pretty unpredictable season. With the right accessories, you can welcome spring with color and style.

1. Pastel Colors

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If there’s anytime of the year that you decide to wear pastel colors, spring is the perfect opportunity to do so. Pastels represent spring just as much as floral patterns, making them a must-have. These colors include shades such as baby blue, baby pink, mint green and light yellow. Beige and ivory are great neutral alternatives as well. Accessorizing with a pastel purse or waist belt can easily make any outfit feminine and appropriate for spring.

2. Sheer Scarves

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A lightweight scarf made of materials such as cotton or chiffon is ideal for the spring season. A sheer scarf will allow you to continue to layer outfits, even with the changing weather. Vibrant prints and patterns are common in sheer scarves, making them a great addition to your spring wardrobe. Whether you wear them with a light cardigan or tie them around your neck, sheer scarves will keep you both warm and cool.

3. Floral Prints

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Floral prints are always in style, but they’re an absolute must during the spring season. While there are many different ways to wear floral patterns, accessories can instantly turn an ensemble into a spring appropriate look. Jewelry such as necklaces and rings are always dainty and feminine, while totes and handbags are major statement pieces.

4. White Frame Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are useful all year round, whenever there’s sunshine. Come spring time, you can brighten up your ensemble with a pair of white framed sunglasses. Black and tortoise might be the classic styles that every woman must own, but a pair with white frames is the ultimate spring accessory. Not only does it have a clean and crisp look, but it’s a neutral color that can coordinate with multiple styles and outfits. Types of sunglasses that can be found with white frames (or any other color) include wayfarers, cat eyes and oversized sunglasses.

5. Yellow Accessories

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Accessories in bright yellow shades are an absolute must for your spring wardrobe. This color is commonly associated with sunshine, something that there is much more of during the spring. While it’s definitely a statement color, you can wear it in many different ways. A large tote or wide headband is perfect if you love bright and bold accessories, while stud earrings or skinny belts make great accents. Colors that work best with yellow include navy blue, green, pink, and white.

6. Statement Necklaces

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Statement necklaces can really complete a look, regardless of the time of the year. It’s an essential accessory all year round, but even more so during the spring. With less layering and bundling up, statement jewelry has a greater chance to shine. The transition from winter to spring is quite drastic, making a fierce and bold necklace more than appropriate. Opt for statement necklaces featuring flowers, mixed media, and vibrant colors.

7. Polka Dots

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As a well-established print of fashion, you can never go wrong with polka dots. This classic pattern can easily be a part of an elegant yet fun outfit, making it a must for the spring. It’s a lively print that is sure to add an exciting spin to your look. Keep an eye out for polka dot accessories such as headbands, belts, fabric wrapped bangles and handbags.

8. Flower Jewelry

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Flower themed jewelry goes hand in hand with the floral prints of spring. Whether you go for earrings studs or cocktail rings, anything with a flower will instantly brighten up your outfit. Spring is all about the lively flowers and bright shades, so don’t be afraid to play around with unique colors and combinations.

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