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What to Wear to a Company Picnic


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Select Bermuda Shorts
Claudia Ev Bermuda Shorts

Claudia Ev Bermuda Shorts

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Is your company having a 4th of July cookout or a summer picnic? You may be trying to figure out how to be comfortable outdoors but also dress appropriately for this work-related event.

Though you want to be casual, you don't want to be too casual. Short shorts or a low-cut top are definitely not appropriate. Instead, select walking shorts paired with a cool top. The fabric of your top should be lightweight but not sheer. You can also opt for a sundress that isn't overly revealing.

These stretch Bermuda shorts (Buy Direct) are perfect. The longer length is appropriate for a company picnic, and the flat front style and tummy control waist are slimming.

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