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What to Wear to a Cocktail Party


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Put on a Pair of Strappy Sandals
Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Strappy Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Strappy Sandal

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Now you just need a pair of fabulous shoes. For a summer cocktail party, select high heel sandals in bold bright colors or shiny metallics. For cold weather months, you can select patent or suede peep-toe pumps to go with your cocktail dress.

These strappy sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti are a fine choice. You can wear these with any type of dress, from a mini to floor length. These shoes are $1,045 at Neiman Marcus (Visit the Website).

For a more affordable option, the Nina Gelato sandals (Buy Direct) feature beautiful rhinestone detailing and a delicate design. These shoes are under $100 from Zappos.

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