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How to Save Money on Accessories

Bargain Shopping Tips


When accessory shopping, get the most bang for your buck by following these simple tips about how to save money on accessories.

Shop the Sales

It may seem obvious, but if you want to save money on accessories, keep a look out for sales. In addition to flyers in your local newspaper, visit the websites of your favorite department stores and sign up for sales alerts by email.

Shop Out of Season

For the lowest prices on accessories, shop out of season. For example, boots and other winter accessories are usually cheapest in spring, while sunglasses and summer accessories are less expensive in fall. Also look for special sales around major holidays.

Visit Thrift Shops

You can locate treasures from decades gone by at thrift shops and vintage clothing stores in your local area. Here you can find jewelry, handbags and other accessories at discount prices. If you don't mind used accessories, you can find some real steals. Get tips on shopping for vintage items from Ashley Kane, About.com's guide to Vintage Clothing.

Check Shipping Costs

If you are shopping for accessories online, don't forget about shipping costs. Many retailers offer free shipping these days, which can make a big difference in your out of pocket costs. If shipping isn't free, oftentimes a discounted shipping rate is available for ordering multiple products.

Compare Prices Online

Many shopping search engines are available that allow you to compare prices from different retailers. Use PriceGrabber, Shopping.com and TheFind.com to search for accessories and save money.

Use Shop It To Me

Shop It To Me is a website that sends you alerts when your favorite apparel brands go on sale. It's like a free personal online shopper. You register on the site and select the brands you love. You choose how often you want to receive email alerts (daily, weekly or semi-weekly).

Consider ebay

Online auction sites, such as ebay, allow you to find low-priced accessories online. When dealing with these websites, be sure to check the feedback of the seller to avoid fraud and poor quality items. The feedback will give you information about shipping times, merchandise quality and other pertinent details. You can then decide whether it's worth it to take the risk.
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