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Eco-friendly Shopping Tote Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags


Don't pick paper or plastic; instead carry your groceries and other essentials in these reusable shopping totes. These tote bags are made from canvas, recycled materials and other eco-conscious fabrics. We can all make a big difference by going green with eco-friendly tote bags.

Gypsystyle Bags

Gypsystyle Shoulder Beach Bag
Courtesy of Gypsystyle
Gypsystyle offers eco-friendly bags that are perfect for the beach, a day of shopping or anytime. They are colorful, stylish and reasonably priced. The bags come in an assortment of patterns, shapes and sizes. They are made from 100% recycled plastic from post-consumer bottles, making them lightweight, water-resistant and eco-friendly.

Make Love Not Trash Totes

Make Love Not Trash Flyaway Tote
Courtesy of Make Love Not Trash
If everyone used reusable shopping bags, it could make a huge difference. These tote bags are perfect for the grocery store, mall, beach or wherever you need to go. These tote bags not only help save our resources but also give back to charity with a portion of sales. Make Love Not Trash Totes come in a variety of colors and styles, priced from $15 to $40.

Ecobags Totes with Quotes

Make Love Not Carbon Tote
Courtesy of Ecobags
Ecobags offers a line of stylish, hip, eco-friendly tote bags that are affordable too. Their signature totes are under $15 and feature phrases such as "Make Love Not Carbon" and "Talk Green to Me." These bags are a cute way to go green and your part to protect the environment.

Built NY Market Totes

Built NY Market Tote
Courtesy of Built NY
Built NY offers a line of totes, bags, laptop cases and other accessories made from neoprene - the material of wetsuits. These lightweight, water-resistant bags are perfect for grocery shopping. Since the material is insulated, your groceries will stay colder. They stand upright for easy packing and unpacking, and also stretch to fit. Using tote bags such as these can help eliminate thousands of plastic and paper bags. They come in three sizes, priced from $30 to $40.

NKHenry Elements of Life Totes

NK Henry Element of Life Totes
Courtesy of NK Henry
These cute canvas tote bags from NKHenry feature zodiac and spiritual motifs. They are sold in a pack of three - fuchsia, yellow and turquoise print - for $60. These eco-friendly, reusable shopping totes are perfect for groceries but they can also be used as an every day casual bag.

Frenzeee Eco-Friendly Reusable Totes

Frenzee Tote Bag
Courtesy of eBags
These reusable tote bags can be folded down into a pouch when not used. They feature double handles and a zipper side pocket. Available in several prints, these cotton canvas tote bags are priced under $25 at eBags.

TOKYObay Carry Eco-Friendly Recycled Bags

TOKYObay Carry Eco-Friendly Recycled Bags
Courtesy of eBags
These bags are perfect for shopping. They are made from recycled fabric and you get two eco-bags for one low price. Each bag folds into a small pouch and features double handle straps. Available in a variety of colorful prints, these recycled bags are priced under $30 for two.
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