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What is a Snood?


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Question: What is a Snood?
A snood is a unique type of scarf that might soon become one of the essential accessories of winter. At first glance, it might look like your usual, typical scarf. However, snoods actually feature extra fabric designed to be draped around the head like a hood. While a snood can certainly be used as a regular scarf, the hood portion makes it the ultimate cold weather accessory. Snoods provide warmth for the head, ears and neck, all at the same time. They are made to fit loosely and comfortably around the head, offering further protection from the wind and cold.
Answer: Snoods have been gracing the runway for quite some time, but are starting to make their way to the general public. The relaxed, loose fit of snoods make them casual yet chic. Common materials used for snoods are wool, cable knit and jersey. They can be found in both solid colors and bright, vibrant patterns.

What Should I Wear With Snoods?:

Because they can be styled in more than one way, snoods are extremely versatile. They're especially useful if your favorite jacket, such as a peacoat, doesn't already have a hood. They also look great with leather jackets and cardigans. They're also great if you're not a fan of hats or earmuffs, but are looking for a way to protect your head from the cold.

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