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Tribal Trend

Tribal Inspired Accessories


One of the biggest fashion trends around the world this year is the tribal trend. From Native American earrings to tribal inspired handbags, you will find plenty of beautiful accessories depicting the tribal fashion trend.

African Necklaces

Yessy Green Turquoise Necklace
Courtesy of Yessy.com
Look for African necklaces created from bronze, beads, turquoise and other stones. You can get this necklace for $165 from Yessy.com. Yessy offers a collection of ethnic and tribal jewelry, including African, Asian, Celtic, Mexican, Native American and other pieces.

Tribal Bracelets

Wooden Boho Bracelets
Courtesy of Sweet Willow Rose

Bangle and cuff bracelets are hot right now. Try a stack of tribal bracelets. These wooden boho bracelets are just $7.50 for five bracelets from Sweet Willow Rose Wholesale Boutique.

Turquoise Accessories

Turquoise Accessories
Photo credit: istockphoto

Native American accessories highlighted by sterling silver, turquoise, feathers and beading are very popular this season. You can find beautiful, turquoise jewelry from tias.com.

Wood Beaded Necklaces

Bead & Wood Necklace
Courtesy of Price Grabber
Necklaces made from large, chunky wooden beads are a great example of the tribal trend. These necklaces are the perfect complement to everything from casual attire to evening wear.
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Tribal Design Rings

Blackened Stainless Steel Engraved Tribal Band
Courtesy of LimogesJewelry.com
This blackened stainless steel band would make a great gift for the man in your life. It's inexpensive, trendy and can be personalized with an engraved inscription inside the band.

African Print Sandals

Acorn Tribal Thong
Courtesy of Zappos

Look for funky sandals featuring African and other tribal prints. Both wedges and thong sandals are a hot choice this season. These Acorn tribal thong sandals from Zappos offer a woven upper with original tribal embroidery detailing.

Tribal Design Shawls

Tribal Embroidered Shawl
Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Shawls and wraps that are embroidered with tribal designs are a great way to accent your wardrobe. These beautiful accessories come in a variety of colors from pastels to brights. Add a tribal shawl to give your outfit a boost of color.
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Tribal Inspired Handbags

Marc Jacobs Tribal Hobo
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Many designers are using tribal elements and prints to create beautiful handbags. If you are looking for a major splurge, this Marc Jacobs Boho woven hobo is priced at $1,795 at Neiman Marcus. This basketweave hobo bag features leather fringe details.

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