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2011 Winter Accessory Trends

Popular Accessories for Winter 2011


From scarves to gloves, winter accessories are a must-have for the cooler months. With these hot trends of the season, learn how to stay warm while looking stylish.

1. Fur Collars

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This winter, these luxurious and dainty accessories will help you look the most sophisticated you’ve ever been. Because fur collars are made to be snug and fitted, they’ll keep you warm all winter long. When it comes to these chic accessories, you can’t go wrong with a pair of peacoat and your favorite pair of gloves.

H&M Fake Fur Collar, $20 (Buy Direct)

2. Fur Hats

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If you’re loving the lavish look of fur, you’ll adore this season’s trend of fur hats. This particular style closely resembles military Russian fur caps (commonly known as Cossack hats) worn during various periods of history. Fur hats are a fun and unique change to berets and beanies. Just like collars, they are also made to have a snug fit. There’s no doubt this new style of hat will give you all the warmth you need.

Nordstrom Collection XIIX Cossack Hat, $38 (Buy Direct)

3. Glitter Accessories

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From handbags to jewelry to shoes, you’ve probably noticed a ton of sparkle during this season. Glitter has taken over fashion, letting us add a dazzling touch to our outfits. They’re perfect for the holidays, so don’t be afraid to add a heavy helping to your next party ensemble. Start off with my list of top picks in glitter accessories.

French Connection Twinkle Glitter Bag, $108 (Buy Direct)

4. Snoods

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This season, the snood has made its debut as the ultimate winter accessory. A cross between a hood and a scarf, a snood will keep both your head and neck warm in the chilly weather. If you’re favorite jacket or coat doesn’t have a hood, a snood may be exactly what you need.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Uma Snood, $143 (Buy Direct)

5. Knit Circle Scarves

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Circle scarves (also known as infinity scarves) made of knit sweater material are the best way to keep warm this winter. Thanks to the laid back, chic vibe, you can easily dress it up or down. Pair a knit scarf with gloves in a coordinating color for the ultimate fashionably cozy outfit. There’s no doubt that this trend will be around for many winters to come.

Nordstrom Trouvé Cable Knit Circle Scarf, $68 (Buy Direct)

6. Box Clutches

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While clutches have become a hot accessory trend, shaped box clutches are a must-have this season. These dainty hand held accessories are essential for those winter holiday parties. They’re often embellished with elements such as studs or crystals, making them a perfect addition to a cocktail dress.

DSW Lulu Townsend Satin and Lace Box Clutch, $30 (Buy Direct)

7. Knit Headbands

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If you’re not a hat kind of woman, headbands made of knitted sweater fabric are great for protecting your ears from the cold. These headbands are often quite thick, giving you maximum warmth and coverage. Knit headbands are also a good alternative to hats if you like to wear your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Akira The Mima Knit Headband, $12.90 (Buy Direct)

8. Collar Necklaces

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As one of the accessories that every woman should own, a new style of statement necklaces has been trending this winter season. Collar necklaces are an interesting way to accessorize an otherwise simple outfit. They tend to look best with shirts that don’t already have a collar, or tops that are strapless. Complete your look with a comfy cardigan or a blazer for a fashionable ensemble.

Topshop Stripe Collar Necklace, $55 (Buy Direct)

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