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Lia Sophia Jewelry


Lia Sophia Vicenza Necklace

Lia Sophia Vicenza Necklace

Courtesy of Lia Sophia

About Lia Sophia Jewelry:

Lia Sophia is a family-owned direct sales jewelry company. Saleswomen work independently as jewelry "advisors" to sell a product line of 500 jewelry items including bracelets, necklaces, rings and pins.

Visit liasophia.com to find out how to become a Lia Sophia advisor and view the collection.

Lia Sophia Philanthropy:

Committed to empowering women, Lia Sophia has teamed up with Dress for Success - a charity organization with the mission to "promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help them thrive in work and in life." Lia Sophia is supporting Dress for Success with a portion of sales going to the cause.

The company is also committed to implementing environmentally sound practices to their day-to-day business operations and by shipping products in environmentally friendly packaging free of harmful chemicals.

Lia Sophia Red Carpet Collections:

In addition to their everyday collection, Lia Sophia launches several "Red Carpet" collections each year. These pieces retail at a higher price point than their main line, and are marketed to celebrities, fashion editors, and other tastemakers. A Red Carpet collection necklace may retail for $450 instead of $50, for example. The Red Carpet collection boasts a loyal celebrity following, and has been worn by Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, Kim Cattrall and even Miley Cyrus.

Elena Kiam, Senior Vice President of Lia Sophia, was kind enough to talk to us about jewelry trends, the Lia Sophia line and much more.

Elena Kiam Interview:

What trends do you see in jewelry for fall?

There are 4 key trends: color, patterned mixed metals, the prevailing circle shape and bohemian inspired designs. This fall its all about color — muted rather than primary … purples, greys and hematite finishes will be showing up on runways and in key fashion spreads.

What classic piece of jewelry should every woman own?

There are some things women rarely take off that act as almost a backdrop to create a bit of sparkle or adornment on a daily basis. These items might include a wedding band and a delicate short necklace. The Lia Sophia Diamond Barrel necklace is one of those perfect necklaces. They're great with a t-shirt or perfect to sit under a chunkier necklace when more dressed.

Also, a great pair of hoops is always youthful and stylish. Don’t feel you need to go for the classic, unadorned circles — pick a shape that best complements the shape of your face. The oblong shape of the Swoon hoops or the swirling circle of the Sidekick hoops are both great options.

What trendy piece of jewelry is worth splurging on?

An oversized cocktail ring is something that will never go out of style and can stand alone — no need to coordinate with other jewelry. It’s as dramatic worn with jeans as it is at a black tie event. I like the ease of being able to just throw on a great statement ring and being able to limit the rest of your jewelry—the look is always elegant and chic. The Dirty Diamond cocktail ring from Lia Sophia’s latest red carpet collection, The West End, will definitely get you compliments.

Can you provide us with any other tips on how to accessorize with jewelry?

Long necklaces are very flattering for most women because they are elongating. Experiment with layering longer necklaces in different metals for a hipper look; try the Cipriani necklace, made of mother of pearl, freshwater pearls and glass beads or the Liquid Style necklace, which is comprised of multiple chains. Also, mixing chunkier necklaces with a more delicate strand creates movement and interest.

Try experimenting by stacking bracelets that are complementary but not matching. A trio of bracelets like the Wild Side patterned silver bracelet, the Signature stretch black and silver paneled bracelet and the Surreal bangle bracelet, which is also black but has cut crystals, to transform an otherwise basic outfit.

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