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Winter Coat Trends

Popular Winter Coats


Are you looking to buy a new winter coat? Read on to learn more about common types of winter coats and find out what's popular in outerwear this season.

Classic Pea Coat

Black Wool Peacoat
Courtesy of Gap
The pea coat is normally made from wool. This outercoat has broad lapels, vertical pockets, large buttons and double-breasted fronts. In the past, pea coats were primarily worn my naval officers in Europe. However, currently pea coats are popular outerwear among young professionals. Black, brown, grey and navy pea coats are top choices. This season, also look for pea coats in camel, green and red.

Cashmere Sweater Coat

Nanette Lepore Cashmere Sweater Coat
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus
If you live in a mild climate, you don't need a heavy winter coat. This season, a boyfriend's cardigan or sweater coat is a fantastic option. These slouchy sweaters are thick enough to keep you warm without being too full or heavy. Choose a sweater coat in cashmere or a wool blend.

Puffer Jacket

Puffy Cardigan
Courtesy of Gap
On the other end of the extreme, if you live in a cold climate, the puffer jacket is a warm yet fashionable choice. These jackets feature down or other filler, and are quilted. These puffy warm coats often have a hood or fur-lined collar. You can choose from long coats that hit mid-thigh, or something shorter and more streamlined.

Motorcycle Jacket

Andrew Marc 'Ella' Leather Jacket
Courtesy of Nordstrom
For an edgy look, choose a motorcycle jacket. The motorcycle jacket, also called the rocker or biker jacket, is typically made from leather or faux leather. Many biker jackets have steel belt-buckles, nickel rivets and multiple zippers. The motorcycle jacket hit the scene in the 1950s as a part of the greaser/rocker movement. It was quickly assimilated into the counter-culture scene as the attire of punk rockers, Black Panthers, and of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator.

Plaid Trench Coat

Burberry Shimmer Check Coat
Courtesy of Burberry
The trench coat is a heavy waterproof raincoat usually worn to the knee. It is made with leather, poplin, cotton twill or wool gabardine. Trench coats are insulated and designed to protect the body from rain and cold. The coat got the name trench coat from soldiers fighting in the trenches in World War I. Over the past few years, shorter trench coats in metallic fabrics, bright colors and fashionable prints, such as plaid, have grown in popularity.

Denim Jacket

Pleated Denim Jacket
Courtesy of Gap
If you live in a milder climate, go for an iconic denim jacket. The jean jacket offers timeless style and can be a fantastic option for cool, casual mornings.

Evening Cape

Fox Unlimited Chiffon Cape
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus
For evening, many women opt for a full-length opera coat. However, another stylish selection is a cape. Capes are perfect to top an evening gown or other formal wear. Cashmere, fur and wool capes in black, grey or purple are hot choices.

Military Jacket

Jedidiah 'Commander' Double Breasted Jacket
Courtesy of Nordstrom
Military style jackets dominate the catwalks and the city streets for both men and women this season. Look for jackets and coats with military touches such as epaulets, badges and prominent buttons.

Men's Car Coat

Twill Car Coat
Courtesy of Brooks Brothers
This winter, car coats will once again be popular for men. The car coat is a large overcoat. It typically extends to the lower to middle portion of the thighs. Most car coats are made from wool or a wool-cashmere blend. Italian car coats feature single welt pockets, inside chest pockets, button-tab adjustable cuffs and full lining.
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