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Summer Hair Accessories

Headbands, Hair Clips and Other Summer Accessories


In the summer, many women love to put their hair up or pull it back because of the heat. For a quick and easy way to wear your hair, grab one of these hot hair accessories.


Tasha 'Stonetastic' Headband
Courtesy of Nordstrom
Headbands are simple way to pull your hair away from your face and still look stylish. You can choose from basic cloth headbands, patent leather headbands or more formal jeweled headbands.

Baseball Caps

Vegas Pink Baseball Cap
Courtesy of Lids.com
Baseball caps might not sound very chic, but they are actually very fashionable in the summer. Whether you are playing with the kids in the park or heading the stadium to watch your favorite team play, baseball caps are a great choice.

Hair Clips

Tulayla Flower Hair Clip
Courtesy of Nordstrom
Instead of pulling all your hair up in a ponytail, use a hair clip or barrettes to pin back sections of your hair off your faces. Hair clips come in a variety of shape, styles and colors.

Head Wraps

Jennifer Behr Rosette Headwrap
Courtesy of Jennifer Behr
Head wraps are a bit thicker than standard headbands. For summertime, choose bold, bright colors and patterns for day and satin or metallic head wraps for evening. This head wrap from Jennifer Behr features a big rosette and allows you to pull your hair up into a sophisticated evening style. It comes in six fabulous colors.


Lace Trimmed Bandana
Courtesy of Coveryourhair.com
Bandanas don't have to be your basic paisley print. Instead choose from florals, solids, stripes and other patterns. At Coveryourhair.com, you can find a variety of pre-tied bandanas to take the hassle out of putting your hair up this summer. These are perfect for the beach. Bandanas protect your hair from the sun and look stylish too!

Ponytail Holders

Juicy Couture Charms Elastic Hair Bands
Courtesy of Nordstrom

If you are having a bad hair day and want a quick way to do your hair, ponytail holders are the answer. You can wear your ponytail high and tease it out for a fun look, or wear it low for a more sophisticated style. Choose from covered elastics, bungee bands, Scrunchies and ribbons. For a fun look, choose ponytail holders embellished with beads, jewels, charms and other hardware, such as this one from Juicy Couture.

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