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Vera Wang - Fashion Designer


Vera Wang - 30th Annual

Vera Wang - 30th Annual "Outstanding Mother Awards"

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Vera Wang Biography:

Of Chinese ancestry, American Vera Wang was raised with the highest standards of academic and athletic discipline. Wang’s affluent family sent her to the prestigious Chapin School, followed by the Sorbonne in Paris – one of the oldest universities in the world.

Vera Wang in Fashion:

Wang’s love for fashion had its roots in her attendance at the most prestigious Paris fashion shows as a child, to which her mother would regularly take her. Following her graduation from the Sorbonne, Wang was given the opportunity to serve as Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue magazine. For the next 15 years she not only worked with and mentored under the world’s fashion elite, but she was also thoroughly exposed to how the day-to-day business of fashion was transacted.

Wang left Vogue in 1985 to work as a design director for Ralph Lauren, where she worked until 1990 when she decided to open her own fashion label.

Vera Wang Bridal Wear:

Wang dedicated her 1990 inauguration into the world of fashion design to the world of wedding attire – a market segment that she believed had remained untapped by the elite fashion world. Frustrated by her own gown experience during her 1989 wedding to businessman Arthur Becker, Wang’s designs sought to add elegance and sophistication not only to wedding gowns, but to all bridal wear. Wang’s dresses are often described as understated, modern, and intricately-designed; her line has become the preeminent name in bridal wear.

Vera Wang Commercial Success:

Vera Wang's designs later extended beyond her bridal fashions to evening gowns, her ready-to-wear collection and Lavender Label. Her exquisite gowns are popular among today's top celebrities and some of the most influential women in the world.

Vera Wang Accessories:

More recently the designer has sought to expand into a diverse array of products, including cosmetics, fragrance and accessories. She has even lent her label to china, crystal, and silver products.

Vera Wang accessories include eyewear, jewelry, footwear, handbags, lingerie and more. For affordable options, the Simply Vera by Vera Wang collection debuted at Kohl's department stores in 2007. The collection features apparel and accessories with a young edgy appeal and reasonable prices.

Shop Vera Wang:

To view the latest from all the Vera Wang collections and find a store near you, visit the Vera Wang website. You can shop for the Simply Vera collection at Kohl's (Visit Their Site).

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