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Kate Spade - Fashion Designer


Kate Spade

Kate Spade

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Kate Spade Biography :

An all-American girl from Missouri, Kate Spade is an unlikely success in an industry often dominated by rich socialites and the privileged. Spade attended an all-girls high school and then attended Arizona State University, majoring in Journalism. Her first job and dip into the world of high fashion was working in the accessories department for Mademoiselle magazine in Manhattan. At the time, she went by Katy Brosnahan - her maiden name.

Kate Spade Handbags:

After five years, Spade was promoted to Senior Fashion Editor and Head of Accessories for the magazine. Before long, she began to notice what she perceived as a gap in the handbag market. And without much ado, Spade began designing her own simple, elegant product to fill the void.

In 1994, Kate Brosnahan became Kate Spade when she married Andy Spade, brother of comedian and actor David. The two met while working side by side at a department store in Arizona. Kate Spade marketed her brand of accessories as simply, "Kate Spade Handbags."

Kate Spade's Success:

Based in New York City, where Spade had worked for years at Mademoiselle, the handbag company rose to prominence quickly. By 1996 Spade was named "America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories" by the Council of Fashion Designers in America. Two years later, she was recognized by the same organization as "Best Accessory Designer of the Year."

Spade’s name now covers an array of things from stationery to perfume to pajamas. In 2004, the prolific designer launched a home collection that features china, bedding, bath products and even wallpaper.

Kate Spade Accessories:

The Kate Spade label features handbags, shoes, sunglasses, wallets, cosmetic cases and leather goods. You can shop for Kate Spade accessories online (Visit Her Site) or at Kate Spade shops around the globe. You can also find the Kate Spade line at major department stores and online shops, such as Zappos, ebags and others.

Truly an American success story, Spade is still a young designer when compared with many of the 20th-century giants of the fashion industry.

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