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Designer Fashion

Keep up with the creative minds of your favorite fashion designers and their accessory lines. Read biographies, interviews, and check out their latest accessories.
  1. Designer Biographies (38)
  2. Up-and-Coming Designers (17)

Tarina Tarantino
With her bright pink hair and colorful, embellished jewelry, Tarina Tarantino is a designer that knows how to make a statement.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Created in the 1936, Ray-Ban Sunglasses is one of the most iconic eyewear brands in the fashion industry.

Top Accessory Designers
Learn more about these top designers and find out where to shop for their fabulous accessories.

Female Accessory Designers
Many women have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry by designing beautiful apparel and accessories. Here you can find out more information about these top female fashion designers, including information on where to shop for their accessories.

Celebrity Accessory Designers
These celebrities have accessory lines, which include jewelry, handbags, shoes and other accessories.

Jewelry Designer Profiles
About.com's guide to Jewelry, Carly Wickell, offers a great selection of profiles of historic and contemporary jewelry designers.

Charles Lewis Tiffany
Charles Lewis Tiffany was the creator of Tiffany & Co. and a pioneer in jewelry design.

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