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7 Floral Accessories Under 100 Dollars


Along with leopard print and stripes, florals will forever have a place in fashion. Whether it’s a bright flower embellishment or a fun floral print, you really can never go wrong with this feminine and classic style. From scarves to jewelry, here are some of the best and fashionable floral themed accessories on the web.

1. Betsey Johnson Yellow Flower Stud Earrings

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For an instant splash of color, try wearing a pair bold flower earring studs in a vibrant shade. Opt for colors like bright blue, pink, red or yellow, like this pair by Betsey Johnson. Not only are they eye-catching and fun, but they’re versatile and easy to wear. Coordinate the rest of your outfit by wearing clothing that has small splashes of the same color. Don’t forget to show them off by wearing your hair in a sleek and chic low ponytail.

Betsey Johnson Yellow Flower Stud Earrings, $40 (Buy Direct

2. Topshop Cluster Floral Snood

floral print, snood, scarves, spring accessories, flower accessories
Snoods might be known as an essential winter accessory, but versions made with lightweight fabric can actually be worn in warmer weather. An accessory like this Cluster Floral Snood by Topshop is perfect for the winter-to-spring transition, as well as those cool summer nights. Layering light fabrics is a great way to dress for the changing weather, making this woven scarf/hood hybrid functional and fashionable.

Topshop Cluster Floral Snood, $32 (Buy Direct)

3. Warehouse Floral Ikat Square Scarf

spring accessories, flower accessories, scarves, ikat print, floral print
Scarves made of sheer fabric such as chiffon are a great way to top off your outfit without overdoing it. They’re the type of accessory that can be worn on both warm and chilly days, making them extremely versatile. A scarf in a floral print, like this Floral Ikat Square Scarf by Warehouse, might be just what you need to liven up your look. While florals are always in style, the ikat print keeps it trendy and current. Sheer scarves are dainty and lightweight, letting you wear them with statement clothing -– such as blazers and dresses -– to balance the flow of your outfit.

Warehouse Floral Ikat Square Scarf, $36 (Buy Direct)

4. Lucky Brand Floral Embossed Leather Belt

leather belts, floral print, floral accessories, belts
Contrary to what most may think, floral print doesn’t always have to be worn in bright colors. A leather belt embossed with flowers is yet another means of incorporating floral elements into your outfit. This tooled leather belt by Lucky Brand features flowers in a subtle and neutral way, letting you style it with both patterns and solids. Create a boho chic look during the spring or summer by wearing it over a flowy tunic or dress. Come fall, layer it with thick sweater cardigans and scarves.

Lucky Brand Floral Embossed Leather Belt, $50 (Buy Direct)

5. Carolee Frontal Flower Necklace

flower necklaces, flower jewelry, flower accessories, floral accessories
If you’re still looking for a statement necklace for your stash of must-have accessories, you might want to consider one with decorative flowers. An attractive piece like this Carolee Frontal Flower Necklace at Max and Chloe is anything but boring. To let it really stand out, pair it with a scoop neck t-shirt or a strapless dress. A statement necklace also looks great peeking through the collar of a button down shirt.

Max and Chloe Carolee Frontal Flower Necklace, $45 (Buy Direct

6. LeSportsac Delux Everygirl Tote

floral print, floral accessories, tote, bags, accessory trends
Whether you’re going on a weekend trip or heading to a busy day at work, a large floral tote will add a major dose of color to any ensemble. A bag like this LeSportsac Delux Everygirl Tote is roomy, useful, and waterproof. Aside from easily standing out from the crowd, accessorizing with this bag will help you make a statement where ever you go.

LeSportsac Deluxe Everygirl Tote, $98 (Buy Direct)

7. Nordstrom Tasha 'She Is Gorgeous' Headband

flower accessory, flower headband, hair accessories, accessory trends, headbands
If you feel like your hairdo needs a little extra something, try accessorizing with a headband embellished with floral details. This Tasha ‘She Is Gorgeous’ headband features a flower made of gorgeous chiffon petals, complete with an elegant gem center. Available at Nordstrom in five different colors, you can be sure to find one that fits your taste and style. While you can use it to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, you can also use it compliment your favorite spring or summer dress. This type of headband is also a great accessory for picnics and weddings.

Nordstrom Tasha 'She Is Gorgeous' Headband, $32 (Buy Direct)

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