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How to Shop at Teen Budget Stores

Shopping for Clothing and Accessories on a Budget


Forever 21 Times Square Flagship Store
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Your most stylish finds don’t always have to be the most expensive. Teenage budget stores like Forever 21, Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe can sometimes to be home to chic clothing and accessories. These retailers are great sources for finding the latest trends at an affordable, more budget friendly price. With some patience, careful browsing, and these shopping tips, you can save money and look great.

  1. Buy What Fits

    When you’re shopping at a store targeted for teenagers, proper size and fit means everything. It’s important to remember that clothing and accessories at these stores might run differently than what you are used to. Don’t hesitate to try something on – it will be the best way to determine whether it will pass a sophisticated, mature piece. Be open to trying on sizes other than your usual, and you’ll be more likely to find clothes and accessories that work for you.

  2. Choose Trends Carefully

    While trends are a great way to update an outfit, they must be chosen carefully, even in the world of high end fashion. Retailers that target the teenage audience aim to bring trends at a low price, which is great for the money saving fashionista. Make it a point to be very selective in your trend choices, thinking about how it will fit into your both present and future wardrobe. If it’s too season specific, you might end up looking more juvenile instead of fashionable. Practicing a cautious selection of trends will help you look updated and current, without overdoing it.

    For example, the stud trend can easily go in different directions. Accessories with pyramid studs might look too outdated, while flat, circle studs will look classier.

  3. Buy Your Size

    This tip mainly applies to clothing and shoes, but it can actually be applicable to accessories like gloves, rings and bracelets. Size and fit are two very important factors that must be taken into consideration. A bracelet that can fit comfortably around your wrist is a much better buy than one that is too small or big. If it doesn’t fit properly, you’ll be less likely to wear it. You might like the style and the price might be great, but both won’t matter if it doesn’t fit correctly.

  4. Quality Over Price

    Thanks to the affordable price tags, there’s no doubt that it will be tempting to fill your shopping bag up with countless shirts and handbags. Before you do, keep in mind that this is exactly the kind of trap you have to try and avoid while shopping at teen budget stores. Double (and triple) check the quality and construction of a piece, making sure its well made. The longer it lasts, the more you’ll get your money’s worth.

  5. Be Patient and Take Your Time

    In the sea of teenage oriented items, there is bound to be clothing and accessories that will work with your taste, style and wardrobe. At first glance, it might be hard to pinpoint the pieces that are appropriate for more mature age groups. The key is to take your time, carefully looking through each and every section. Being patient will help you find those hidden gems, just like when you’re thrift shopping.

  6. Think Creatively While you’re sifting through steals and deals, try and keep an open mind regarding the possible ways you can use items. A sweater a few sizes too big might work as a chunky oversized cardigan, while a shirt in the same size can be an off the shoulder shirt. A belt a size too small might work as a high waist belt, when worn just under the chest. Some bags might even double as clutches. Look beyond the how the clothing or accessory is typically used, and you’ll be surprised at the variety of affordable styling possibilities.

  7. Be Picky

    While browsing teen budget stores, be extremely picky with the pieces that you consider. It’s easy to get sucked into the affordable price tags, but it’s even more important to pay close attention to what you end up buying. Think about designs that work well for more sophisticated outfits, such as blazers, cardigans, heels and skinny belts. These are all inexpensive pieces without being too age specific.

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