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XUBAZ Crushed Velvet Scarf

Functional Scarves With Pockets


XUBAZ Crushed Velvet Scarf

XUBAZ Crushed Velvet Scarf

Courtesy of XUBAZ

Of course velvet is once again popular for fall. If you are looking for velvet accessories, consider this crushed velvet XUBAZ scarf. This beautiful scarf comes in black, fuchsia or gold.

This isn't your ordinary scarf, XUBAZ functional scarves feature little pockets on the flip side so that you can carry money, your ID, a pen or other essentials. Some models have more pockets than others - some zip shut while others fasten with a button.

The XUBAZ scarves are perfect for men or women and great for traveling. Visit their website to learn more about this line of unique scarves. The velvet scarf pictured here is priced at $125. For something more affordable, XUBAZ offers a cotton voile scarf in five colors for just $35.

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